First, a big thank you! Dundee Elementary thrives because of its amazing students, staff, and families!

Dundee Direct is our annual direct-giving fundraiser that runs through the month of September. Instead of asking our kids to sell popcorn or giftwrap, we ask our families to give what they are able to give. This direct-donation fundraiser makes it easy and effective to get money directly to where it is needed most. 

The PTO uses the money raised to make sure our school stays amazing for all of our children. In the past, money raised funded the purchase of computers for the classrooms and books for the library. It funded student and family events like the Fall Festival, and cleaning up the playground and landscaping. But most of the money raised went directly to the teachers, who bought things like educational games, classroom supplies, and innovative new teachings materials used daily by the students. 


Every child and teacher at Dundee Elementary directly benefits from the money raised by Dundee Direct. 


This fund is administered by the Omaha Public Schools Foundation. 


 This year, our goal is to raise $25,000 to help fund the following:

    • Grants for teachers to buy items for their classrooms such as new books and supplies.
    • Classroom activities, celebrations, and enrichment clubs.
    • Furniture and resources for the library and classrooms.
    • Scholarships for Dundee alumni graduating from high school.
    • Great family events like the Back to School Night Pizza, Fall Festival, and Spring Carnival.
    • Improvements to the school grounds.


Are you a business looking to sponsor Dundee Elementary? Please follow this link for more information. 


There are several ways you can donate:

  1. Send a check or cash in an envelope marked Dundee Direct with your student to turn into their teacher.
  2. Send a check to:
    Omaha Public Schools Foundation
    Attention: Dundee Direct 2022-2023 Fundraiser
    3861 Farnam St.,Omaha, NE 68131
  3. You can donate online through a secure gateway using the button below:

Donation Form

Or scan the QR code below.